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About Us

Hi there! 

I'm Bethany, the creator of Aurora. I've always had a passion for beauty and skincare products.

Around 10 years old, I attempted to make my first product: a perfume for my mother. I gathered petals from her rose bush, soaked them in water for a week and bottled the water. I thought I was genius. Over 20 years later, she still has that bottle and I'm pretty sure it's growing something hazardous inside. 

Fast forward to 2011, I had a creative itch. Aurora was born with a few bars of soaps and a prayer. Six years later, I began making nail polish. With that, business expanded at a tremendous rate. 

My husband, Chris and I have been married since 2008. He does all the graphic design, artwork, photography and labeling. After realizing this train isn't slowing down he's now hands-on with several projects and products, making a true husband-and-wife venture. It took him a long time to come around, but he is truly my biggest fan.

We still have day jobs. Luckily, I work 4 days a week and he works full time. We're both Certified Pharmacy Technicians, operating in the same small-town pharmacy. We started working together the same year Aurora started. We still have yet to kill each other. Go us! 

We hope you like our products and stick around! Great things are happening.